Fly Fishing Tuition & Guiding

Noreside Flyfishing offers certified guiding and fly fishing tuition on the river Nore and on some of its’ tributaries in
Co. Kilkenny. Based in Thomastown, just 30 minutes drive fromWaterford and 15 minutes from Kilkenny this limestone fishery is a series of fast runs, rifles and glides and is arguably the most picturesque river valley in southern Ireland.

The season starts on March 17th and finishes September 30th. There are some eight miles of river to explore, stocked with an abundance of native wild brown trout and prolific fly hatches throughout the season you are promised a memorable outdoor experience.

The trout average from 20cm to 30cm in length and the deeper  pools hold some fish in excess of 5lbs. Under certain conditions all of the recognised methods of wet fly, dry fly, and nymph fishing will work successfully.

*Guide Noel Molloy has the internationally recognised S.T.A.N.I.C qualification (the salmon and trout association national instructors certificate) and is also a member of the “fly dressers guild”. He has intimate local knowledge of the river and over thirty years fly fishing experience.

“Quite simply, fly fishing is just another, more subtle means of presenting your bait, and you don’t have to be gifted with super human hand eye co.coordination,however, to be successful you should be familiar with your quarry and how it behaves in its natural surroundings”.

*Beginners are encouraged and young anglers are catered for. The emphasis is always on having fun and keeping things simple. Someone new to fly fishing, will learn how to choose the correct tackle, how to set up your tackle correctly,where and when best to fish, casting techniques and how to present your fly, what the trout feeds upon, when and how, what flies are most likely to work and why, and because we encourage catch
and release, how to properly handle and return fish.

*The more experienced angler may wish to learn,or improve upon more advanced castingtechniques or fishing strategies

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